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Power workholding - Compact clamp B 1.827

Compact swing clamp with pneumatic clamping monitoringB1827.jpg

cartridge type, double acting,

max. operating pressure 250 bar

The compact clamp particularly excels by its minimum dimensions.

Two different cartridge types, each in four sizes, offer a high flexibility for the design of clamping fixtures.


» Data sheet B 1.827

New pressure switch F9.732

Pressure switchF9732.gif

hydro-electric signal converter

pressure range 5-130 bar, 50-350 bar and 50-550 bar

The pressure switches as per data sheet F9.731 have been replaced by the new pressure switches as per data sheet F9.732.


» Data sheet F9.732images/reports/RH_Top-Butto.gif

New product - Work support B 1.9503

Top flange rype - with metallic wiper edgeB19503.gif

3 sizes, 3 types of function, single acting, max. operating pressure 500 bar

The top flange type allows for space-saving and direct installation into the fixture body. Oil supply is made through drilled channels or pipe thread.


» Data sheet B 1.9503

New: Hinge clamp for low operating pressure

Hinge clamps 70 barB18261.gif

with metallic wiper edge

and optional position monitoring

double acting

max. operating pressure 70 bar

These hinge clamps are designed for the direct connection to the machine hydraulics with a max. operating pressure of 70 bar.

Three sizes are available:

Hinge clamps with a maximum operating force of 3.3 or 7.0 kN and a mini hinge clamp with max. 2.2 kN.


» Data sheet hinge clamps B 1.8261


» Data sheet mini hinge clamps B 1.8262

Power workholding - New product: Extension of diameters

Bore clamp – eccentric versionRHI_S008_s.gif

now for bore hole diameter 9.3 – 12.3 mm,

3 different clamping inserts

Due to the small dimensions at the effective point and the compact design direct clamping in recesses e.g. of cast parts is possible.

Also workpieces with raised parts right next to the bore to be clamped are suitable.


» ROEMHELD information S008



New product - Work support B 1.9405

Threaded-body work support with metallic wiper edgeB19405.gif

M 26 x 1.5

single acting, max. operating pressure 350 bar

The new threaded-body work support with exterior thread M26x1.5 has minimum dimensions. The work support is protected against penetration of swarf by a metallic wiper edge and sealed against liquids.


» Data sheet B 1.9405

Power workholding - new swing clamp B1.8805

Swing clamp with piston rod lockingRHI_S001.jpg

Top flange type, with optional switch rod for position monitoring,

without overload protection device, double acting, max. operating pressure 250 bar

The new swing clamps maintain the total clamping force by a patented self-locking device if hydraulic pressure is cut off or drops.


» Data sheet B1.8805


Power workholding: New hydraulic accumulators

Hydraulic accumulatorsF9601.gif

Nominal volume 13 – 750 cm3,

Max. operating pressure 250 – 500 bar

The program range of hydraulic accumulators has been revised and completed by new versions

All information see new data sheet F 9.601.


» Data sheet F 9.601


Power workholding - Revised design of B 1.852

Swing clamp with sturdy swing mechanismB1852.jpg

Cartridge type,

with optional position monitoring

The swing clamps of the data sheet

B 1.852 have been revised.

The result is quite respectable:

- up to 75% higher clamping force!

- 75% longer clamping arms can be used!


» Data sheet B1.852


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