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·         At AMB, ROEMHELD Group meets with great interest in novelties and Industry 4.0 applicationsAMB,遇到对ROEMHELD集团新奇的产品和工业4.0应用程序有极大兴趣的人

·         Successful presentation of workpiece clamping technology for 5-axis machining, automation, horizontal and vertical machining用于5轴加工,自动化,横向和轴向加工的工件夹紧技术的成功演示


Laubach, Germany, October 2014. The ROEMHELD Group is extremely pleased about the outcome of this year's AMB. The clamping technology expert emphasises great interest in its novelties, the reassuring popularity of Industry 4.0 applications and the consistently positive feedback to their subject-centred presentation of exhibits. This was the first time that the Group had structured its trade fair booth into four principal topics of "5-axis machining", "automation", "horizontal machining" and "vertical machining." Elaborately designed, interactive 3D animations provided additional information with data, photos of applications, and short, explanatory videos.


Three "Industry 4.0 live demos" were also well received, where visitors used their smartphones for live and wireless online queries of clamping signals from swing, compact and borehole clamps on different automotive equipment.


In terms of exhibits, the visitors' interests centred on the various trade fair novelties. These included a new centring clamping element, whose huge jaw stroke enables it for flexible use with workpieces of diameters between 16 and 108mm. Further novelties were a borehole clamp for direct clamping of components without adapter plates, the world's currently smallest compact clamp, a compact pressure intensifier and "SPEEDY classic 2 balance"—the new STARK zero-point clamping system.

就展品而言,观众的兴趣集中于贸易博览会上各种新奇的产品。这些包括一种新的定心夹紧元件,其巨大的卡爪行程使之在工件直径在16mm108mm之间灵活运用。更多新奇的产品是用于无需垫板的元件直接夹紧的钻孔油缸,目前世界上最小的紧凑型压板,紧凑型的增压器和“SPEEDY classic 2 balance”-新的STARK零点夹紧系统。

New — centring clamp, zero-point clamping system and compact pressure intensifier for horizontal machining


On horizontal machining, the clamping technology expert presented a total of three innovations. The new centring clamping element with large jaw stroke can be used for a variety of applications and different components. It is available in variants with two or three jaws, which can be changed over to adapt them to the respective workpiece. It impresses with a high level of repeat accuracy and has a blow air connection for protecting from swarf.


To witness the direct clamping of workpieces—an alternative are spring tension or hydraulic means at 20kN—visitors were presented with the new "SPEEDY classic 2 balance" STARK zero-point clamping system. It eliminates the need for a special fit because it can use existing workpiece threads. Due to an integrated balancing feature of ± 0.75mm, it can directly clamp workpieces without any additional preparation or further effort. A wide selection of STARK zero-point clamping systems showed trade fair visitors numerous further application options of the clamping means.

为看到工件的直接夹紧 选择弹簧张力或在20kN的液压装置 向观众介绍新的"SPEEDY classic 2 balance" STARK零点夹紧系统。它省去了一个特殊的贴合,因为它可以用现有的工件螺纹。由于± 0.75mm的综合平衡特征,它可以无需任何额外的准备或进一步努力。STARK零点夹紧系统的多种选择展现给贸易博览会的观众,夹紧方法的众多进一步的应用选择。