Zero point mounting systems - Overview
Palette changer, Palettes, Zero point mounting systems Components for full automatic production - from setting up to processing
Zero point mounting system 1000
 System 1000
The most comprehensive and versatile STARK zero point mounting system, available in 3 build sizes.
Zero point mounting now with variable gauge
. . . multi-axial adjustable zero point mounting system
SPEEDY module plate
 SPEEDY module plate
The success multipliers - SPEEDY module plates guarantee increased efficiency in production
Zero point mounting system SPEEDY metec
 SPEEDY metec
This solid, mechanical zero point mounting system is suited for straightforward and low-cost solutions.
 System 3000
A double active zero point mounting system requires little space and provides high clamping force.
Zero point mounting system 4000
 System 4000
Our flexible zero point mounting system for mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic applications.
System 5000 - SPEEDY airtec
 System 5000
SPEEDY airtec
Pneumatic fast changing element
. . . our alternative for oil-free applications
 System 6000
Hydraulic fast clamping element
Zero point mounting system 6000